Actually I’ve had great success with the kids I’ve worked with. I help them cope with their anxiety and send them off to school able to cope with the stress and changes of the classrooms. The parents of these kids notice great changes when the kids come to see me.

These kids have issues but when the parents buy into them it exacerbates everything. You have to separate the issues from the normal behaviors, these kids have a mixture of both and a lot of the problems stem from the parents confusing the two.

I’ve written a book about it if you’d like to check it out on Amazon.

Keep your eye out for my website so you can read the testimonials, it should be coming in the next few months.

Thanks so much for your concern and comment, it’s a common assumption that these kids can’t cope at all and need to be treated like they are totally fragile. Part of what causes them to become even more fragile is when people feel sorry for them and never challenge them to do better.

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Writer, musician, toddler wrangler. Author: “How To Be Wise AF”, a 30-day prompted journal-find out more on Amazon. Contact me at

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