Hi Jeffery, thanks so much for taking the time to write such a nice comment!

I’m so sorry for your loss and I am glad to hear that you are healing and looking to the future. It’s so funny that you mention your teenage crush.

When I met my husband, he said he knew he loved me because for the first time ever he didn’t care about the woman he’d been chasing for 20 years. She was a girlfriend from his teens that he’d never gotten over. (Thank god she kept turning him down!)

It’s funny how a slight perspective change can make things seem easier.

Thank you for validating the article and letting me know that it’s making a difference for you.

I appreciate your support and encouragement:)

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Writer, musician, toddler wrangler. Author: “How To Be Wise AF”, a 30-day prompted journal-find out more on Amazon. Contact me at e.king.cooks@gmail.com

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