I get it, you think it’s mean to give children consequences.

It sounds like you did a great job with your kids, they definitely need loads of exercise.

I wrote a book about what I do, it’s on Amazon, it gives a more in-depth look at everything.

Not everything is scarring and sometimes kids just need consequences. I think the difference here is that when you have years of experience with lots of different kids, you see patterns easier and solutions better. Being mean is letting kids get away with anti-social, manipulative behavior that they internalize and carry throughout life. Kindness is a little tough love now and again to set them on the right path.

We used to have a village to help us raise our kids, now we take everything like a personal affront when our kids get any bad feedback at all.

The kids who come through my house learn little life lessons with love and the parents are all grateful that I take my job so seriously and provide the stability and the strictness that they need at this age.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be in business after almost 10 years if I was doing it all wrong. Read a few more of my articles if you want to get to know me better and feel free to get my book https://www.amazon.com/dp/1650243952 If you would like to read more about the need for consequences in the lives of toddlers. I’ve written a whole chapter that explains it.

Consequences aren’t mean, letting a child grow up without them is.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts, it’s always good to get feedback:)

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Writer, musician, toddler wrangler. Author: “How To Be Wise AF”, a 30-day prompted journal-find out more on Amazon. Contact me at e.king.cooks@gmail.com

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