I have been where you are.

Hang in there, you are in therapy. That is what saved my life.

Look into tapping to get you through the times when you feel like you might lose your grip. Tapping saved my life and still gets me through tough times. It’s called EFT and there are loads of free videos online.

You can research it if you are interested.

Don’t give up, if you keep going eventually you will heal and have a great life.

If you feel all alone, read this and know that there is hope. https://psiloveyou.xyz/meditations-from-beyond-the-razors-edge-a7bf72ef9c2 If I can do it so can you. I’m not special.

Written by

Writer, musician, toddler wrangler. Author: “How To Be Wise AF”, a 30-day prompted journal-find out more on Amazon. Contact me at e.king.cooks@gmail.com

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