I hear you Ryan, it’s true, and you are doing the right thing it is all about the long game.

That’s where lots of people get tripped up. They only go looking for instant relief instead of seeing the big picture.

When dealing with toddlers you have to always remember that they are on a learning curve and you have to really work to shape good habits and behaviors, there are many parenting paradoxes.

People are so afraid of letting them cry it out but it is just emotional processing they have to go through. Parents, especially mothers really project a lot of unnecessary stuff onto their kids when they are really just going through normal processes. I can only say this because I’ve been watching it play out for years, it’s better to let them cry it until the end than trying to rob them of the experience they need in order to learn to control their impulses.

I’m not trying to push my articles on you but I wrote another one that you might find interesting, it’s on the topic of discipline, which I know a lot of people struggle with.

Thanks so much for the comment and feedback!

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Writer, musician, toddler wrangler. Author: “How To Be Wise AF”, a 30-day prompted journal-find out more on Amazon. Contact me at e.king.cooks@gmail.com

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