My daughter was also like this as a young child. She was respectful and deferred to the authority figures in her life. She always seemed to let her friends set the agenda.

I was also worried that since she was so thoughtful and respectful she might end up being a pushover.

Then something magical happened over the last few years, she’s become fierce and independent.

She still shows respect for the adults in the room but she is equal to her peers. She speaks up when she needs to but isn’t afraid of compromise.

I always taught my daughter that if someone didn’t like her, that’s just fine, she doesn’t like everybody else and if someone is mean, just let them go and be happy they showed themselves to you.

If you foster a feeling of security and self-worth in your daughter, her ability to be thoughtful and considerate will become her superpower when mixed with confidence and maturity.

I loved your article!

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