Thank you so much for this!

What an amazing and powerful piece, everyone needs to read this.

You are right about everything, it is all true, and white people perpetuate racism by thinking we can be "hands-off" about it. That is ridiculous, all white people need to be called out on this until we all start stepping up and doing what needs to be done so there can be real equality.

White people created this problem and we have a duty to fix it, we have to be responsible to stand up to racists and racism when we see it and call it out. We need to be committed to stepping in when we see these terrible things happening. We need to use the privilege we've stolen for ourselves and step into that place where a person of color would be attacked, but we won't. Good people have to stop being such complicit cowards.

Truly the best way to start is in our own homes. If every person did the small things then the big things would take care of themselves and what better way to start than with our children.

Thank you for that call to action, you are one brave, smart, woman with a powerful message.

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