Yes! I gave up sugar and flour two years ago with Bright Line Eating and I've experienced many of the same things. My joints have even stopped swelling and hurting. My middle knuckle on my right had was so enlarged that I thought I had arthritis, I noticed just today that it's shrunk down to it's regular size.

I occasionally have a bite or two as well and it's always sickening sweet and gives me gut rot and a hang-over.

Here's my story if you want to compare notes:

I used to binge every now and then, but I'd feel so gross the next day eventually it lost it's appeal. I do still now and again, but it's less and less as time goes by because I find I enjoy it less and less.

When I binge, my knuckle swells up so much that my hand turns into a claw over night but after a few days of being "clean" my hand recovers. It's amazing to see my body's response to it so quickly now.

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