You couldn’t be more right. I am married to the love of my life (not saying we are perfect or don’t have our own issues), but I didn’t meet him until I was 37, because I vowed never to sell myself out just to get married. I loved being single, I loved living alone, I loved doing what I wanted when I wanted and I was unapologetic.

I know lots of people who settled for loveless marriages just because they thought it was time to have kids, or they didn’t want to be lonely or they wanted the money or whatever.

I’d decided that if the worst thing I had to put up with was feeling lonely now and again then that was a pretty decent payoff for staying totally true to myself.

I used to travel in a pretty artsy circle, lots of my friends from my twenties are still single. I say more power to them if you don’t sell out you don’t waste your life.

I’m pretty sure that the only reason I did actually meet someone that I could be happy with was that I was so happy alone so being with him had to be even better to sway me over to the dark side. That was how I determined that I wanted to be with him.

That article is very relevant, it’s not 1820, nobody has to get married for any reason. Your step-grandmother was from a different era, women were very brainwashed about marriage then. Many today still are.

It was all a made-up institution to turn women into chattel and keep men in power anyway. It’s wonderful when it ‘s right but it’s a choice now.

An excellent read!

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