Your Toddler is Telling on You — 5 Ways Your Toddler’s Behavior Tells Me How You Parent

Parents think that if they tell me what I want to hear, I will automatically believe what they tell me about their parenting.

1. Tantrums that have no end.

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What this tells me is that the parents give in every time.

The child hasn’t learned to end it themselves because they’ve never been allowed to let it run its course.

If you stop giving in and then walk away as soon as they begin acting up, you will starve this behavior.

And be warned, giving in even once will start the cycle all over again.

2. A complete disregard for being told no.

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When a toddler does whatever they want in spite of being told no, this tells me parents don’t follow through with discipline.

It tells me that they put the child in time out and then walk away and forget about them until the child gets up and goes back to whatever they were doing.

When you don’t follow through, the child learns that words are meaningless and that consequences have no meaning. These children are the worst behaved at school; they cause problems and get in trouble for never listening.

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If you decide you can’t be bothered, be prepared for hellish parent-teacher nights and teenage years.

3. Whining and crying about nothing.

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When a child whines and cries to get their way, this tells me that the parents over comfort, unable to discern what is real and when they are being manipulated.

Not everything is a scarring experience for your child.

When I know a child is crying to manipulate me, I let them get to the end of their crying cycle, and then I talk to them after they have finished. That way, they associate the attention with the stopping rather than the crying.

4. Screaming for everything.

It tells me that when those parents get yelled at, they move faster, get flustered and beg the child for mercy, usually in the form of bribes.

These children have no patience or respect, they are stuck in the cycle of infant behavior because mom and dad have not set up any other expectation.

Practicing a little loving detachment and letting them process their emotions goes a long way in putting an end to this petulance.

5. Throwing-up on command.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

When I child does this, I know that the parents go into a tizzy when it happens at home, I know that there is a power struggle going on and that’s how the child tips it in his favor.

My solution is to let them go for it and not buy-in.

I give them a time out and let them marinate in it a bit before doing anything about it.

Those are five ways your child is giving you away. Remember, when you are raising a toddler, the only person you are fooling is yourself when you try to whitewash your child’s bad behavior.

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