You’re so right about the content and character of each child being obvious from day one! I’ll tell you that I know for a fact that all of that is formed between age 9-months and 4-years (give or take a little bit). People don’t realize how important it is to socialize toddlers properly so the can understand and function in society and to discipline them so they can internalize the rules they have to live by.

I want to cry every time I see a kid on a tablet in a restaurant. I’d rather listen to a thousand screaming toddlers learning the rules they’ll have to function with than one quiet one whose parents are squandering the most important years of their lives.

It was very astute of you to pick up on that, most people can’t see it. They see toddlers and small children as an objectified and idealized TV version of what they really are which is little people in the making who need to be actively taught social lessons. I wish more people were like you, the world would be much better off.

WW2 and the Holocaust has always fascinated and triggered me for some reason. It’s so easy for people to be manipulated into doing terrible things for the wrong reasons.

Nobody seems to put those things together.

Thanks for the response and the interesting conversation!

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